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Hi! I’m new here. And that’s terrifying in some ways. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a professional who has been in my field for over a decade. I have a handful of degrees, designations, and industry specific licenses, and the titles in my email signature hopefully show that I know what I’m doing on a day-to-day level.

It’s funny though, as I’ve also faced shades of imposter syndrome in my career, and have many times wondered if I was qualified enough to be leading others in their various roles or responsibilities. Who hasn’t at some point when they are being promoted or are given additional responsibility? 

So you can imagine my general fear, for lack of a better term, when it comes to taking up the Great Commission. Who am I? What do I know? And do I really believe that I can speak on behalf of the Lord?

This matters because each and every one of us should probably be asking ourselves the same thing, just as I’m bringing this up aloud. 

The problem is, while the call to action is loud and clear, many Christians today have seemed to blot out the message and command that we are supposed to share with others. 

Aw-shucks, Do I Have To? 

Author Todd Friel has a vivid example of this very conundrum in such eye-opening terms. He has challenged others with the case, 

If you showed up at your friend’s house and it was on fire, would you be gentle and ignore it, or maybe wait for a subtle opportunity to mention something cautiously, and quietly? Or would you run through the front door and shout “FIRE!, FIRE! WAKE UP!”?

Friends, this is our mission. The first and primary task for all of us. As we await the return of the King, he gave us a single command. “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). 

But how many of us pretend that, “Well, he isn’t talking to me…” 

The God of this universe and the King of this world has given you a command. You and you alone are responsible for fulfilling his request of how you live your life. You can fulfill this by making disciples and sharing the good news—the very good news you yourself enjoy. And at a time when we are entering thankfulness and holiday cheer, there is no greater gift or news than to share our blessed hope

How Can I Actually Do This?

We all have different organizations, work cultures, and even personal preferences in terms of how we interact and communicate with our peers. So, this one is up to you. Pray for opportunities to witness to others and share the good news. Then, when an opportunity presents itself (because it will), pray that the Lord will guide you. 

You don’t need to change someone’s heart; he will do that. You don’t need to have a 30-minute speech memorized, as that’s not realistic. You certainly don’t need to have a PowerPoint presentation waiting on your flash drive. That isn’t necessary. Your job is simply to share the good news. 

Can He Actually Use Me? 

First and foremost, it’s so very important to realize that throughout our shared biblical history, God has called the marginalized, the unassuming, and the downtrodden to carry out his will. 

There are countless stories in the Bible that show how Moses wasn’t an eloquent speaker, Gideon went from hiding in a winepress to being the commander of the nation, Sarah was barren and then became the mother of a nation, and Saul of Tarsus transformed from a legalistic persecutor to the apostle to the gentile world. 

We view others as not being an “ideal” candidate for reasons such as bad public speaking, mental health and confidence issues, physical or biological ailments, or even political opposition. Yet God sees them as perfect examples of who to bless and how to proclaim his authority. 

Ask yourself a very important question: Do you really think the Lord can’t use you to do great things? Is our God that weak?

What Stops Most Christians from Fulfilling this Message? 

How hard is it, therefore, to believe he might be tugging on your heartstrings as we speak? There’s probably someone currently on your mind who you can tell is facing hardship. It may not even be a coworker, but the people we see each and every day, the ones we have existing relationships with, the ones we have been “in the trenches with” for years. They may just be the easiest ones to communicate with and share a single fact. Planting a tiny mustard seed is enough to save a soul. 

Some of us don’t know what to say, and that’s an issue by itself. However, I’ve found that the culture we live in today has become a place where being or acting extreme is accepted or even praised. Discussions of Jesus, however, are seen as “different.” That’s what we are up against.  

And it needs to change. 

Even as you read this, the world has escalated. So must all of us. So must you. 

So don’t focus on taking on the whole world. Focus on taking one step forward, and having the opportunity to share with one person. You won’t be disappointed and you may just be surprised at how quickly these opportunities come about. 

It might seem silly, but a real “grassroots effort” of trying to communicate with just one peer might be enough to change a nation

I myself will continue to do my job, and my hope is that this message reaches and reinvigorates and awakens just one of you, that we may make a difference in the lives of others by sharing the good news.

Start with one.

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