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Seven Ways to Create a Better Workplace

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Job satisfaction is declining in the United States, according to a recent Forbes article by Joseph Folkman.

The reason?

With unemployment so high, fewer people are quitting their jobs for more satisfying work. Folkman comments,

As a result something much worse is happening within organizations. Employees “quit,” but they stay. In the last year, overall job satisfaction in the U.S. has declined significantly. Employees feel stuck in their current jobs and their dissatisfaction with the organizations they work for increases.

But not all companies are experiencing a decline in job satisfaction. Folkman points out seven aspects of these companies to determine why they managed to increase their employees’ satisfaction despite the negative general trend. These qualities are:

  1. Consistent values
  2. Long-term focus
  3. Local leadership
  4. Continuous communication
  5. Collaboration
  6. Opportunities for development
  7. Speed and agility

Folkman concludes,

Clearly, it is a fallacy to assume that bad times equate to lower job satisfaction. As our research illustrates, it is simply not true. The organization we described made significant gains in satisfaction and commitment during one of the worst financial times in history by doing the right things, and doing them well. These improvements helped the company create substantial financial momentum during the challenging economy as well.

Working with others for long periods of time is not easy. But rather than wait for a change in circumstances, we can help change our circumstances through good communication, consideration for others around us, and whole-hearted effort while at work.

What are Folkman’s seven ideas and how can we use them to change our workplace? Read his fill article here.

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