Why Does Income Inequality Exist?

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) released a research report Monday entitled, “Why Does Income Inequality Exist? An Economic and Biblical Explanation” by Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, Vice President of Economic Initiatives at IFWE.

“Income inequality is a hot topic, yet many do not understand the true economic picture or some of the Biblical reasons why it exists, ” said Dr. Bradley.  “In my paper, I take a look at what income inequality is, how it emerges in society, and its impact. Based on that understanding, we can better understand today’s income inequality in light of Biblical teachings and what our response should be as Christians, particularly in our own vocation.”

In her paper, Dr. Bradley asserts the following:

  • Diversity is a Biblical premise of Creation. We are born with different gifts.
  • By focusing on our gifts we can unleash our comparative advantage and bring value to the marketplace by serving others.
  • In a free society, absent cronyism, disparity of wages is not a sign of injustice.
  • If we care about a society that reduces poverty and assists the poor, we should be concerned not about income inequality but the relative prosperity of those at the bottom and their income mobility.
  • An opportunity society is the best way to unleash the creativity and dignity with which we are created and serve others with our gifts.

For more information or interviews, contact the IFWE press office at or (703) 962-7818.

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