New Video: Find Fulfillment in the Work God Has Put in Front of You Today

When we work hard everyday at whatever God has put in front of us, it is pleasing to him and it is more fulfilling for us.

That’s the message of IFWE’s latest video, Fulfillment. Even though you may not be in your dream job, you can find fulfillment in the work God has put in front of you today.

What if you do have your dream job? Even then there will be days when work is difficult, and you feel the “thorns and thistles” of your job more than usual.

Either situation comes with its challenges, successes, and opportunities to find fulfillment serving God and others in the midst of your daily work. Both situations can be formative opportunities for all of us to learn about ourselves and our God.

That’s what Fulfillment is all about.

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