Inspirational New Video: Freedom to Flourish



“There is a way that leads a man to flourish. It is freedom…” – IFWE video narrator


MCLEAN, VA – The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) has released a new video that highlights the sacred importance of all work, not just that of pastors and missionaries, and points to the critical role that freedom plays in each person truly flourishing in their work.

Filmed in Portland, Oregon and rural Colorado, the video features the work of a variety of working people, from bricklayers and baristas to mechanics and managers.  Backed by a Lord of the Rings-like soundtrack, a narrator sets the theological framework and makes the case for championing the freedoms that allow each person to flourish in their work. The video is called “Freedom to Flourish.”

Executive Director Hugh Whelchel said the video “powerfully exhibits the way every man and woman has a God-given dignity and a calling to work.”  Whelchel said he hopes the video “inspires Christians and all people to defend the freedom of every person to find fulfillment in their work by employing their gifts to glorify God and serve the common good.”

Following is the video script:

“Our lives are not divided into two halves, with one part being sacred and another part secular. Worship is not reserved only for Sunday morning but for Monday morning as well.

“Every time we get out of bed and ready ourselves for the day. Every time we labor at a task, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Every moment is a gift. Every moment belongs to the One who gave us that moment.

“There is a way that leads a man to flourish. It is freedom. The freedom to discover his true potential, to keep the fruits of his labor, to find fulfillment in his work.

“These freedoms are the right of every person because they come woven into the God-given dignity of every person. Where they exist, societies and people flourish. Where they are absent, there is only poverty.

“These freedoms must be championed, for this is God’s design for us – for the good of all he has created.”

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