God and Government: A Biblical Perspective (The Bible and Limited Government)

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The subject of this paper is the biblical basis for the conviction that government must be limited in its reach and coercive force.[1]  It recognizes the tension implied in Paul’s admonition to the Christians in Rome to render the proper honor to a pagan government that was “instituted” and “appointed” by God but had a “sword” for a defined purpose only (Rom. 13:1-7).  It also recognizes that the founding documents of the American republic presuppose a Creator and presuppose creatures—both governors and governed—whose governance is problematic.  The American Revolution is unique in history in that it proposed to institute practical republican[2] governance (actual experimental politics as opposed to intellectual “political science”) based on this presupposition.[3]

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Tom Pratt serves as Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. He co-authored “Seeking the City” and “Clash of Titans: Atlas Shrugged, John Galt and Jesus Christ” with Dr. Chad Brand.
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