You Can Find Your Calling – Here’s How

Do you wish you could develop a unique vision for your life? Do you wonder how can you actually find your calling?

Hugh Whelchel and Art Lindsley tackle these questions and more in IFWE’s latest podcast episode, released today and focusing on how you can find your calling.

Whelchel draws on his own experience of finding his calling over the course of thirty years in business. During his segment he discusses:

  • How he found his own calling – and how that helped him understand how work is connected to calling.
  • How you can discern overarching themes that run throughout your career.
  • How God uses your own gifts, talents, and skills that he has given you.

I asked Whelchel for some tips on finding your calling. His first piece of advice involves a little self-reflection:

One of the first things you have to do is begin to think about who you are, who God has made you to be, and what personality he has given you.

Lindsley follows up Whelchel’s advice with tips developed from over thirty years of giving vocational profiles to people of all ages and walks of life. He shares what inspired him to start giving vocational profiles, recalling,

I found it to be fascinating to try and understand the unique individuality of each person. It’s like seeing a glimpse of the image of God within them. You see something of their worth and value and dignity.

Lindsley talked more about calling, sharing:

  • The right questions to ask when determining  your calling.
  • The importance of a trusted friend or mentor that can help discern your strengths and skills.
  • What the Bible says about calling.

You can find your calling – we hope you find today’s podcast a helpful place to start.

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