Announcing IFWE’s upcoming book on poverty


There is a growing emphasis among evangelical Christians on the biblical call to care for the poor, both in the US and overseas. However, in a well-intentioned effort to alleviate poverty, many Christians support government-oriented policies that are not only ineffective but actually increase poverty and reduce income mobility. With contributions from 14 thoughtful Christian economists, theologians, and others (historians, journalists, and business leaders), For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty (Release date: 2014) equips Christians with both a biblical and economic understanding of how best to care for the poor and foster economic development. As a result, readers will learn how to live out and support efforts that truly promote the flourishing of our communities, cities, and our nation.

Topics and Contributing Authors Include:

Foreword—Arthur Brooks (American Enterprise Institute)

  1. Who Are the Poor?  – Glenn Sunshine (Central Connecticut State University)
  2. Poverty and the Poor in the Old Testament – Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary)
  3. Remember the Poor – A New Testament Perspective on the Problems of Poverty, Riches, and Redistribution – David Kotter  (Indiana Wesleyan University)   
  4. Does God Require the State to Redistribute Wealth? An examination of Jubilee and Acts 2-5 – Rev. Dr. Art Lindsley  (IFWE)             
  5. Evangelicals and Poverty: the Voluntary Principle in Action – Richard Turnbull  (Centre for Enterprise, Markets & Ethics)
  6. Markets and Justice –  R. Mark Isaac  (Florida State University)
  7.  Fighting Poverty through Enterprise –  Dato Kim Tan and Lord Brian Griffiths (Goldman Sachs International)
  8. Why Does Income Inequality Exist? An Economic and Biblical Explanation – Dr. Anne Bradley (IFWE)
  9. The Moral Potential of the Free Economy – Rev. Robert Sirico (Acton Institute)
  10. A Poverty Program That Worked – Lawrence W. Reed  (Foundation for Economic Education)
  11. Alleviating poverty through provision of welfare—Marvin Olasky (World Magazine)           
  12. “Stop Helping Us” – A Call to Compassionately Move Beyond Charity— Peter Greer (Hope International)

Conclusion – Jay Richards (IFWE)


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