Theology 101

Pursuing the Common Good in 2020 & Beyond

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In the spiral of 2020, it’s easy to think we have to keep up with the latest news headlines, stay highly attuned to our friends’ social media feeds, or monitor our neighbors’ yard signs in order to be better informed and able to pursue our call to promote the common good. How can we make a difference for our friends and neighbors if we aren’t keeping up with their latest concerns? 

But many of us don’t realize that the pursuit of the common good happens in our kitchens, on our sidewalks through conversations with neighbors, and as our hands do the work God has given us to do, working with him to promote flourishing. Part of the beauty of a faithful Christian life is the pursuit of justice, mercy, and humility before God (Micah 6:8), which can all be pursued in our daily work—and which don’t require us to be plugged in constantly to the hard news or polarizing discussion.

Unplugging from our social media feeds or turning off the news, however, can be easier said than done in a time of social distancing and constant virtual connection. We need reminders and examples of what it looks like to promote human flourishing in all areas of life—no matter what sector we work in—while knowing that God is present and working with us in our daily tasks. 

Introducing the Common Good Conference & Speakers

This is why we invite you to join us for the Common Good Conference, where nearly a dozen speakers—including Andy Crouch, Charlie Dates, Jessica Kim, Tish Harrison Warren, Tom Nelson, Jo Saxton, Curt Thompson, Sheeba Phillip, Sara Groves, John Inazu, and Chris Brooks—will dive right into this topic. Drawing on their experiences in careers ranging from business to law to creative industries to the pastorate, they will share how they’ve connected faith, work, and economic wisdom in various seasons of their careers. 

The goal is to provide you with a fresh vision and a new energy for your work. As one attendee from the 2019 Common Good Conference said about their experience: 

The conference re-energized my vision and bolstered my confidence in the areas of purposeful living and sharing the gospel with colleagues. This event was truly a blessed balance of theological and practical wisdom delivered by some of the most inspiring and impressive people I’ve encountered.

Buy a Ticket, Register a Friend for Free

As a special thanks to the Institute of Faith, Work, and Economics for the beneficial content they have shared over the years, conference host Made to Flourish is offering a special deal to IFWE’s loyal readers like you: if you register by Monday, November 2, and use the code CGFRIEND20, you can register a friend, your pastor, or spouse for free

  1. Select Individual Access and fill out your information
  2. Click the ‘Add Attendee’ button
  3. Add your friend’s information
  4. Insert coupon code FRIENDCG20 in the box
  5. Your friend is in for free!

Join the Virtual Experience

Register today and don’t miss the Common Good Conference 2020, November 12! More information is available at

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