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Memorial Day Reflections on Freedom, Flourishing, and Work

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As families gather for barbecues all across the country in honor of Memorial Day, I’m humbly reminded of the important connection between freedom and flourishing. To honor the lives of those who have paid the ultimate price to secure and preserve our freedom, here are five recommended reads that discuss how freedom makes flourishing possible:

A Three-Point Framework for Freedom, Fulfillment, and Flourishing

Economic, political, and religious freedom are required if we’re to be good stewards of all that God has given us. They’re required if we’re to pursue our callings to the best of our abilities, and help others do the same. Here is a simple, three-point framework for understanding these connections. Read it here.

The Role of Freedom in Human Flourishing

I love one of the quotes from “Freedom to Flourish,” the video featured in this post. The narrator simply says, “There is a way that leads a man to flourish…It is freedom.” This video illustrates the dignity of work and how freedom allows us to live out that dignity as we serve others through our work. Watch it here.

Freedom and Flourishing

Another great read about our country’s founding principles of individual freedom and limited government, which make flourishing possible. Read it here.

Are We Truly Free as “Servants” of Christ?

As Christians, we are freed from the bondage to sin, but now we are slaves to Christ. Is that truly freedom? In this article and video presentation, my colleague Art Lindsley explains the unique nature of biblical freedom and how it differs from our worldly understanding of freedom.

A Prayer for Memorial Day

Mark D. Roberts of The High Calling has made it a tradition to offer a prayer on Memorial Day. It’s a touching expression of gratitude for those who currently serve in the military and for those who have given their lives for our freedom. Read it here.

As you celebrate Memorial Day with a reprieve from work, take time to pray for our military men and women. Also pause and realize that your work is a gift from God to glorify him and serve others through the work of your hands. We are truly blessed to live in a free society in which we can contribute to flourishing simply by doing our jobs.

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