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Introducing IFWE’s New President

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In March 2020, the entire globe was first getting acquainted with the COVID-19 virus that has gone on to change the world. At the same time, my world was radically altered when I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

As I shared at the time, people diagnosed with ALS typically have a life expectancy of two to five years, while some only live six months and others live twenty years. Bearing in mind that reality, I consider it a true blessing to be celebrating this current Advent season with my family and friends, and am looking forward to ringing in 2022.

Providential Change for IFWE

Since my diagnosis, the staff and board of IFWE have been praying and seeking guidance from the Lord for the future of this organization. The Lord has graciously provided, and we are excited to share with you two providential developments.

First, the board of IFWE is proud to announce that T. March Bell will now serve as President of IFWE, effective immediately. March is well-known to the board and has served as an Elder and Adult Education Teacher at McLean Presbyterian Church with me for years. March has extensive experience in executive management and public policy, as well as legal expertise. He has served as General Counsel in a federal agency, Deputy Director of a Virginia state agency, Vice President of International Justice Mission, and Chief Counsel and Staff Director of a Congressional Panel.

Additionally, March has served as a federal prosecutor against terrorism, human trafficking, and organized crime within the U. S. Department of Justice. While designing forty-two human trafficking task forces in the United States and 30 different countries, he pioneered business partnerships to provide victims with meaningful work in a real business as part of their restorative care. In India, March led the team that resolved slave labor cases and the former slaves with an opportunity to own their own business. March is currently active in supporting an innovative community development program that promotes microfinance and micro-enterprise at the village level in Tanzania. Most recently, he has served in the Department of Health and Human Services where he worked on deregulatory initiatives designed to let “doctors be doctors.”

The board of directors, the staff of IFWE, and I, personally, believe that March will provide the needed leadership for the future of IFWE.

My Continuing Role with IFWE

As for me, I am currently being treated with an experimental drug developed in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School. My treatment is being overseen by Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, who is the Director of the Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS, Chief of Neurology at Mass General, and Director and the Julieanne Dorn Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. The experimental protocol slows the progression of the disease and I have been able to continue working from home on a book and several other writing projects related to IFWE’s mission.

In conversations with the board and with our new President, March Bell, we have decided to shift my responsibilities so that I can use my time and energy to continue researching and writing. Therefore I’ll be transitioning to the role of Senior Fellow with IFWE.

Your Continuing Role with IFWE

The mission of IFWE—to educate and inspire Christians to live out a Biblical theology that integrates faith, work, and economics—is more needed than ever, and we believe this gift of new leadership has positioned us to make our largest impact yet. There are at least three ways that you can support us in this time of transition.

First, will you please keep March, myself, the staff, and the board of IFWE in your prayers? We wouldn’t be where we are today without the faithful prayers of our supporters, and we eagerly desire your ceaseless prayers as we move forward into this new season.

Second, will you please continue reading and sharing our content? Every time you read, comment on, or share an article from our website, you help others find our material as well. Please continue to engage with our material, particularly as we anticipate more content to be produced in the upcoming year.

Third, will you consider supporting us financially as we expand the scope and impact of our message on a biblical understanding of faith, work, and economics? Your generous tax-deductible donation will help us continue to empower Christians to use their vocation to change the world. You can view donation options or donate online here.

Thank you for your ongoing support in all three of these ways. We are excited and optimistic about what is to come!

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