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IFWE's Weekly Recap – 01.24.14

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Here are this week’s highlights of the blog.

What is the Right Way to Carry out Enterprise? Lord Brian Griffiths and Dato Dr. Kim Tan

I claim that to end poverty, we need to create jobs in the small-medium enterprise sector and transition the poor from the informal into the formal economy.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblically Sound? Andrew Spencer

Since Jesus is God incarnate, under the prosperity gospel it would stand to reason that he would be the wealthiest of all that have ever lived since no one could be more holy and have more faith than Christ. The reverse is true.

I’m Teaching My Son to Be a Quitter Anne Bradley

Considering costs accurately and knowing when to quit helps us become better stewards.

Five Things Christians Need to Know about Income Inequality, and What You Can Do about It Anne Bradley

Government is increasingly giving in to the entitlement culture of lobbying. We need businesses to stop asking for favors and political leaders who will stop the handouts.

What Foreigners Think about America on Government, Economics, and Religion Elise Amyx

Even though outside perception isn’t everything, and some opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, foreign insight can help us recognize areas for improvement and areas where we are blessed as a nation.

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