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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 01.10.14

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In case you missed it – check out the highlights of this week on the blog below:

C.S. Lewis on Progress in Economics and Politics Art Lindsley

Sometimes…we need to go back in order to go forward, turning the “clock back” or doing an about-turn on the wrong road in order to find the right one.

New Video: The Role of Freedom in Human Flourishing IFWE

We hope you discover confidence and dignity in your work as you watch “Freedom to Flourish.” We hope God will use it to inspire you to see your work as a blessing, not a burden, and as an integral part of his design for his creation.

Does the Bible Condemn Trade? R. Mark Isaac

Jesus is not condemning the market system. He is instead assessing the heart of the young man. Jesus sees that the rich young man’s heart is primarily for his worldly possessions. Thus, Jesus is critiquing the man’s heart attitude, not the market in general.

Can Genesis Teach Us Anything about Economics? Brian Baugus

These lessons from Genesis concerning creativity, work, and trade and mobility point us to an important question: do we influence people by engaging them or withdrawing from them?

What Does Forbes’ “30 under 30” List Say about Success? Kristie Eshelman

Success has very little to do with money or recognition. It has everything to do with good stewardship of what God has given us.

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