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IFWE’s Top Ten Blogs of 2019

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It’s been another encouraging year on the IFWE blog! We’re grateful for our subscribers and those who share our blogs with friends, colleagues, and family. After 153 blogs, 130,000+ words of content on faith, work, and economics and more than 1.4 million pageviews of the IFWE website and blog this year, here are…(drum roll)…the top ten most popular blogs of the year:

1. C.S. Lewis: Beware the Temptation of the ‘Inner Ring’

Art Lindsley

Everyone desires to be accepted within the “inner ring” of whatever group matters to us at the time, but what will it cost you to be “in”? Read more.

2. Five Ways the Bible and Economic Principles Are Connected

Shawn Ritenour

Here are five things you need to know about the connections between Christianity and sound economic principles. Read more.

3. God in a Hamburger: The Mind of Fallen Humanity

Timothy Ewest

Part 2 in our series on Romans explores how fallen humanity is prone to worship the creation rather than the creator.  Read more.

4. Knowing the Why, What, and How of Your Calling

Art Lindsley

What would change about your life if you viewed every aspect of it as a calling? Read more.

5. C.S. Lewis on Greed, Selfishness, and Self-Interest

Art Lindsley

C.S. Lewis believed there is a difference between selfishness and godly self-interest. Here’s why. Read more.

6. It’s Time to Rethink Retirement

Jeff Hanaan

A growing number of Baby Boomers are discontent with the typical retirement and are asking good questions about work, calling, and purpose later in life. Read more.

7. How Venezuela Took the Fastest Route to Poverty

Anne Bradley

If GPS could have provided the fastest route to poverty, Venezuela took it. Here’s what happened, and how we can pray for their recovery. Read more.

8. Bono: Capitalism Excels at Poverty Relief, but Needs a Moral Rudder

Hugh Whelchel

Is capitalism immoral or amoral? Read what U2’s Bono said and how to think biblically about today’s debate. Read more.

9. Trusting God in New Job Assignments

Russell Gehrlein

How do you trust God when your next job assignment is literally in someone else’s hands?
Read more.

10. You Can’t Be Anything You Want to Be

Jordan Raynor

What should we tell kids about their gifts and calling, and why does God care? Read more.


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