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Providing relevant news, analysis, and opinion on all things faith, work, & economics.

Loving Your Career: New York Times columnist James B. Stewart reminds us of the importance of loving your career through his personal decision to leave his position as a lawyer.

Secrets of Creativity: In this interview between Fieldnotes Editor Alissa Wilkinson and Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative,  Henry discusses practical disciplines that will help people stay creative and do their best work.

Review: A Free People’s Suicide:  Ray Nothstine, editor at the Acton Institute, reviews O.S. Guinness’ new book A Free People’s Suicide. Guinness argues faith and virtue are paramount to societal freedom.

Podcast: IFWE’s Dr. Anne Bradley on the RJ Moeller Show: Anne talks passionately about her career and integrating faith, work, & economics with AEI podcast host RJ Moeller. Anne comes in at the 29:00 minute mark.

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