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Providing relevant news, analysis, and opinion on all things faith, work, & economics:

Dirty Jobs, Dirty Work? The Acton Institute’s Jordan Ballor analyzes America’s broken view of work through the eyes of Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe.

Where God’s Purpose & Your Passion Meet: Is it realistic to have a job you are truly passionate about? Dan Miller, president of 48 Days, discusses God’s true purpose for our desires.

Managing for God? Thinking Christian author Tom Gilson shares his thoughts on the Stewardship Study Bible, a comprehensive study of what it means to be managers entrusted with the resources of God.

Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report: The US falls to a historically low #18 in the Fraser Institute’s annual economic freedom report, trailing countries like Bahrain, Estonia, and Qatar.

Is Free Enterprise A Moral Undertaking?  Editor of World Magazine, Marvin Olasky, interviews American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks on the morality of free enterprise and the meaning of earned success.

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