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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 11.06.13

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Fellow Christians: I’m Rich and I’m Sorry Christianity Today

The church needs a more open conversation about wealth and stewardship—and not just for pastors. – Jen Pollock Michel

What C.S. Lewis and Modern Family Understand that Conservatives Don’t Values & Capitalism

People are not moved or motivated by abstract concepts in the same way that they are by relationships with others. – Tyler Castle

Conscience and Christian Stewardship Acton Institute

How are we to grab hold of the gifts God has given us and steward them in such a way that gives glory to His name? Put simply, how are we to be obedient in our daily work and in our managing of the fruits of our labor? – Joseph Sunde

What I’ve Been Reading Lately Library of Economics and Liberty

Among the hats I wear, I’m a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics and a Fellow with Samford University’s Center for Science and Religion. This means I get to read a lot of books at the intersection of science, scripture, and supply & demand. Here are a few things I’ve read recently that fit (loosely) within this capacity. – Art Carden

Smitty the Artisan Bricklayer Smorgasblurb

God cares about craftsmanship because he cares about things working well. He designed a perfect world out of what was “formless and empty.” – Chris Horst

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