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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 07.03.13

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Faith in the Free Market Christianity Today

Selke, now 36, is part of a vanguard of young Christians who believe that God uses not only the church and formal ministry but every sphere of society, including business and free markets, to advance his work of shalom. – Josh Kwan and Dashell Laryea

Why Superman is Bad for the Economy Acton Institute

Man of Steel must be Krugman’s favorite movie: you not only get an alien invasion (Kal-El, General Zod and his soldiers) but you get alien destruction on a massive scale. Just think of all the economic benefit Metropolis gained! – Joe Carter

Naturalizing “Shalom”: Confessions of a Kuyperian Secularist Cardus

Given the newfound appreciation for justice and shalom among evangelicals, we do well to see such trajectories as a cautionary tale, like a visitation from the ghost of Christmas future showing us where we could end up. – James K.A. Smith

Doing Bad by Doing Good Values and Capitalism

When we see people suffering, we want them to flourish, and our first instinct is for the government to help—both domestically or abroad. However, while our intentions are noble, there are often unintended consequences. – Jacque Otto

Should the Government Subsidize…Silly Walks? Learn Liberty

I haven’t figured out a way to get paid for silly walking unless I can get a government grant. – Art Carden

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