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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 03.27.13

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Work Is More Than a Means to Evangelism  Acton PowerBlog

Indeed, there is an unfortunate tendency in evangelicalism to prioritize short-term evangelism over long-term cultural engagement, whether in business, the arts, or even the family. Yet in addition to the negative impacts such an approach is bound to have on both our cultural impact and our evangelism, it all begins with a fundamental distortion of how we view our daily work in and of itself. – Joseph Sunde

Dr. Charlie Self on Vocation, Social Justice and Wealth Creation, and More Values and Capitalism

Wealth creation brings new resources and opportunities to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. When we give people economic opportunity, we empower them to improve their own future, and the future of others. – Charlie Self, minister, author, and professor. 

Partnering For Poverty Relief and Profit  Business Fights Poverty

For Velings, sustainability and longevity are cornerstones of successful development programs. “For us, our passion is building something that can stand on its own two feet. And the only way of doing that is to have money, which means you have to make a profit.” -Holly Holmes

Economists Should Return to Moral Philosophy  Library of Law and Liberty

As scientists, economists have generally come to accept the subjective theory of value. Individuals have their own goals and aims and from this fact, they define their own sets of values. Certainly we are all influenced by friends, family and society, but each person’s particular perspective is his/her own unique blend of inputs and inclinations. – Hans Eicholz

Christianity and Capitalism: Counterparts of Freedom  The Augustine Collective

Christianity and capitalism are different but in many ways remain compatible. – Mark Diplacido

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