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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 01.16.13

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Do Truck Drivers Matter to God?  Can the work of a florist, realtor, and truck driver be as meaningful to God as the work of a pastor, missionary, or humanitarian relief worker? Paul Rude says, “absolutely.”

Monday-Friday: Why the Rest of Your Week Matters to God Nathan Clarke and Corey Widmer believe the church has done a fine job equipping Christians for the “private” areas of their lives (prayer, morality, family life), but a poor job equipping people for the “public” parts of their lives (their work and vocation). See how a group of Christians in Richmond, VA are changing that by working together to reweave Shalom in their city, for its peace, prosperity, and human flourishing. 

Dignity, Equality, and Atticus Finch: What is human dignity? Wesley Gant says dignity, properly understood, enables people to flourish and realize their human potential.

C.S. Lewis on Economics:  We tend to think of economics as earthbound rather than transcendent, but Joseph Sunde uses C.S. Lewis’ book, The Great Divorce, to reveal the dangers of strictly earthbound economic thinking and the eternal purpose for material goods.

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