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Meet the Winners of IFWE’s Student Video Contest

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We are thrilled to announce the winners of IFWE’s very first student video contest: Emma S. and Paige M.!

We were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the videos we received and are so thankful for each entry.

There were two categories for the contest, high school and college. Students were given three prompts to get them started:

  • Freedom – What is the connection between the daily choices we make and the freedom we have in Christ? Depict how this freedom informs our understanding of biblical, whole-life stewardship.
  • Fulfillment – What is the connection between following God’s call for my life and finding fulfillment? Illustrate the connection between a biblical understanding of calling and the fulfillment we can find in Christ.
  • Flourishing – How can I effectively help the poor, even as a student? There is a way that leads to flourishing, but not everyone currently experiences it. Show an example of how a Christian responds to poverty in a way that leads to flourishing.

The videos were judged on content, creativity, visual appeal, technical quality, and the overall effectiveness of the video’s message.

Emma S. is the first place winner in the college category. She responded to the freedom prompt.

Paige M. is the first place winner in the high school category, and responded to the prompt about fulfillment.

Want to see more? You can check out all of the winners here!

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  • These are great, very well done Emma and Paige! May the Lord bless the works of each of your hands and use your creativity to bring about the freedom and fulfillment found in Christ to everyone who watches these videos.

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