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These Five Economics Books Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

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There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not declare, ‘Mine!’

– Abraham Kuyper

In this Advent season, Abraham Kuyper’s quote brings into perspective what we do here at an organization examining the intersection of faith, work, and economics.

It’s easy to isolate these disciplines, setting aside our faith for quiet times and Sunday mornings, neglecting our study of economics after we took that beginning course in college, and forgetting the first two once we arrive at work on Monday morning.

God made a world in which all things work together for his glory. This means that there is no one portion of our lives, however small, in which he has no interest. His return to earth as an infant some 2,000 years ago was the fulfillment of God’s covenant to redeem his own, and that includes all of creation.

God cares even about what we read and the gifts we give, so here are some of my favorite economics books.

What better time to start integrating a better knowledge of economics with your faith and work than this time of remembering Christ’s work to redeem all aspects of our lives?

Any of these would make a great present for someone who wants to learn more about economics.

I, Pencil  by Leonard Reed

Have you ever thought of how amazing it is that so many connections and details are required to make an item as small as a pencil?

This work puts in perspective the small scope of our knowledge compared to the magnitude of the order and coordination that develops all around us.

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

French economist Frederic Bastiat published this pamphlet two years following the Revolution of 1848.

It explores ideas behind France’s then-socialist economy and how it restricted human freedom and flourishing.

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

As its title suggests, this book is one of the shortest, surest ways to understand basic economics.

The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek

A fascinating look into the impact economic policy can have on cultures and human flourishing. This book illustrates how economics impacts the realms of politics and culture.

The Good of Affluence by John Schneider

What does the Bible say about wealth? Schneider examines how the Bible handles topics of wealth and abundance and what that means for us in a culture grown from capitalism.

Looking for more gift suggestions? Check out these books.

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