Theology 101

God’s Purpose in Creation: A Study in Genesis 1

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When people think of Genesis 1, they usually think of evolution and contentious scientific debates. Google Genesis and you’ll get nearly 200,000,000 hits dealing with questions like:

  • Did God create the world in six ordinary days?
  • Were these “days” great ages or epochs?
  • How should we understand the theory of evolution in light of Genesis 1?

These are important questions, but the creation story is about so much more.

It’s about God’s purpose in creation. Here you find your job description, your marching orders in the mission of God’s people.

Get a fresh perspective on a timeless story with IFWE’s new study, God’s Purpose in Creation: A Study of Genesis 1.

The first chapter of Genesis is more than the introduction to the first book of the Bible. It’s the opening chapter in the grand story of God’s redemptive plan for his creation.

That redemptive plan and your place in it are covered in God’s Purpose in Creation. It’s a seven-day study for  you to walk through. In it you will learn:

  • What it means to be God’s image bearer in the world.
  • How the creation story fits into God’s larger story throughout the Bible.
  • What being made in the image of God means for your work and relationships.
  • How the “cultural mandate” in Genesis 1:28-30 impacts your work.
  • What God’s purpose in creation means for us today.
  • Why Sabbath rest is integral in our lives.

God’s Purpose in Creation includes reflection and discussion questions and is suitable for individual or group study. We pray that you grow in faith and understanding of God’s purpose for your life as you make your way through through it.

Discover God’s grand story for his creation and your life – purchase your copy of God’s Purpose in Creation in IFWE’s bookstore today.

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