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Four Quick Reads to Help You Think More Deeply about Justice

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During a recent podcast on social justice, Anne Bradley talked about the need for Christians to gain a biblical understanding of the term. She emphasized that this is one of the first steps Christians can take as they pursue justice.

Here are four quick reads to help you take that step. Each piece looks at a different parts of the conversation around justice today.

Can’t We Build a Just Society?

“Can’t we build a just society?”

 Many people look at our modern economy and ask this question. Christians especially are rightfully concerned with the justice of the systems we live within.

While Christians can offer a foretaste of God’s kingdom, we recognize that only God can and will bring it in full. With this in mind, when we ask whether we can build a just society we need to keep the question nailed to solid ground: “Just compared to what?” Read it here.

Are Markets Just?

Dr. Mark Isaac takes a look at the question of justice within market economies in this excerpt culled from IFWE’s latest book, For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty. Isaac uses both economic and biblical lenses to determine whether markets are just. Read it here.

Faith, Economics, and Liberation Theology

Liberation theology emerged as a reaction against poverty and social injustice. What are the core principles of this theology, and how should Christians think about it? Elise Amyx offers a brief explainer of liberation theology and how it’s been received by Christians through the decades. Read it here.

God’s Own Peace Corps

Shalom is a word often used to describe the end goal of social justice. But what is it? How can Christians go about achieving it? Hugh Whelchel offers an in-depth look at shalom and what it means for Christians today. Read it here.

A Bonus Read

The concepts of Jubilee and debt forgiveness come up often in discussions about justice. Art Lindsley has published several blog posts and even a paper on the topic. Lindsley’s research helps make sense of the debate and what the Bible says about Jubilee. Read the blog series here, and download the paper here.

What writings have influenced your thinking on justice? 

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