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Five Christian Views on Goal Setting and Resolutions

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“What was your highlight of 2018? What is your hope for 2019?”

These are questions that have been asked around my family’s dinner table over Christmas and New Year’s in recent years, and I’ve loved hearing the different, heartfelt answers.

It’s a great time of the year for reflecting and looking ahead, but how do we do this with a sound biblical perspective?

The following five IFWE blogs from recent years provide some helpful perspectives as you reflect, pray, and plan ahead.

How Do You Set High, But Achievable Goals?

We often fall into the trap of setting unrealistic goals. Matt Perman, author of How to Get Unstuck, provides practical tips on simplifying your goal-setting process to focus on short-term goals that are achievable.

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Should Christians Even Set Goals?

It’s easy to presume what the future will be like and get ahead of God in your goal-setting, but does that mean Christians should not be setting goals at all? IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel challenges the common viewpoint that Christians should get out of the goal-setting business.

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Did You Forget to Set “Character Goals”?

When we’re honest, it can be more comfortable to set goals that address surface-level issues in our life but miss the need for real, heart-level change. God’s goal is to conform us to the likeness of Christ, not just have us tick-off our “to-do” list (Rom. 8:29). Hugh Whelchel shares why character goals should be our first resolutions in the new year.

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How Do You Think Biblically About Financial Goals?

Many Christians fall into extreme categories when it comes to financial goals—either they are hoarding what they have or feel like they have to give it all away. Where do you fall and how can you think biblically about setting goals about wealth in the new year? IFWE economist Anne Bradley shares tips on how to have a balanced perspective on financial goals.

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How Should the Gospel Impact Your Goal-Setting?

Deep down, we all know that we will struggle in reaching our goals for the year, especially those post-Christmas intentions on dieting and exercise. IFWE blog writer Elizabeth Moyer shares how to keep the gospel and the grace of Christ in perspective as you set your goals but often struggle to achieve them.

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