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Can Entrepreneurs Be Good Christians?

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Tiffany DuPuy is an entrepreneur who runs a dance studio. She is also a Christian who strives to be a witness of her faith through her work.

I try to live in such a way that people will see my faith come through in what I do and how I treat others…It’s not something that I try to beat somebody over the head with, but I do want everybody to know that there’s a reason that I feel like I have some of my talents and gifts, and that reason is my faith.

How does faith impact the work of the entrepreneur? Greenville News reporter Amy Clarke Burns writes that according to a study done by Baylor University, entrepreneurs tend to view God as more personal and pray more than the average individual.

Kathryn McElveen, a leadership coach who works with the United Methodist Church explains the trend, saying,

People who tend to be drawn to more risk-taking or innovative types of work do tend to have a sense of leadership from a central core kind of place.

According to Burns, many entrepreneurs get this “sense of leadership” from a belief in God.

Burns also cites micro-lender Taylor Beard who explains,

God is going to provide what each of us needs and to be able to rely on him in times of difficulty…Entrepreneurs who have that faith have probably a longer perspective of their business and are able to endure the hardship of owning a business because they have faith in something in bigger than themselves.

What does Christian entrepreneurship look like in the real world? Read Burns’ entire article here.

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