Author: Chris ChanceyChris Chancey is the Southeast Development Representative for HOPE International and the founder of Amplio Recruiting. Chris holds an MA from Denver Seminary and is the editor for the Bible on Business devotional. Stay connected with Chris, his spousepreneur Sarah, and their toddler, #BoomtimeBoaz on Instagram: @ctchancey.

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Building Your Brand on Christian Principles

By: Chris Chancey

4 minute read

I’ve had the privilege of building branding campaigns for zoos, restaurants, wedding planners, and even blueberry farms. Surprisingly, no matter…

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The lunch room was the perfect place to fight. My high school cafeteria only had a couple windows allowing sunlight…

  • At Work

I was sitting behind a blue Prius at a traffic light when a bumper sticker caught my eye: “Entrepreneurs are the…

  • Public Square

Tony Nasrallah heard the news, but it did not compute. A plane went down in Denver, Colorado with his wife…

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