Author: Lord Brian GriffithsLord Brian Griffiths is vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International and chairman of the European Middle East and Africa Business Practice and Compliance Committee. He was appointed professor of Banking and International Finance at the City University, London in 1976 and was Dean of the City University Business School from 1982 to 1985. He became director of the Bank of England in 1983 for two years and from 1985 to 1990 served as Head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit and special advisor to Margaret Thatcher. He is currently a member of the Select Committee on Economic Affairs and until recently was chairman of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth Fund. He is also chairman of Christian Responsibility in Public Affairs.

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What Is the Right Way to Carry out Enterprise?

By: Lord Brian Griffiths

4 minute read

If foreign aid is not necessarily the best approach to economic development because it muddles incentives and is ineffective, what…

  • Public Square
How Effective Is Our Aid?

By: Lord Brian Griffiths

6 minute read

Poverty is an extraordinary waste of human potential. The phrases used to describe creation – “let the water teem with…

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