Workshop Agenda



Sunday, July 31

3pm—Pre-conference Session (For new attendees only)

3-3:45—Foundational Theology, Hugh Whelchel
4-4:45—Foundational Economics, Anne Bradley
5-5:30—Campus Programs Basics, Kathryn Feliciano

5:45—Welcome, Introduction, and Devotion

5:45-6—Welcome & Group Introductions, Hugh Whelchel
6-6:30—Devotion, Art Lindsley


7:30—After dinner activity (optional)

Monday, August 1

8:30—Lecture: How does our work have eternal significance?, Hugh Whelchel/Art Lindsley

10:00—Lecture: Wholehearted, Scott Redd

11:15—Lecture: Flourishing, Jonathan Pennington


1:30—Introduction to IFWE Framework and New IFWE Resources

3:15—Classroom Resources Discussion


6:00—Dinner and Top Golf

10:00—Arrive back at Lansdowne

Tuesday, August 2

9:00—Lecture: Economic and religious freedom, Anne Bradley/Joe Connors

10:15—Campus Programs Interview Panel

11:30—Final Wrap-Up