Campus Programs


What are IFWE campus programs?

Campus programs connect professors with students outside the classroom and start conversations about the ideas of faith, work, and economics. The goal of these programs is to help students make connections between their faith and work, utilize their gifts and talents for God’s glory, and promote a free and flourishing society. We believe these ideas can truly transform students’ lives, university campuses, and our country.

Each program utilizes IFWE content at the center of their discussions. We have a variety of books, booklets, academic papers, videos, and other resources that can be used for the program. You can learn more about those resources at our bookstore. We provide these resources for you and your students free of cost.

Campus programs can take a variety of forms:

Discussion day event—This type of program is best for the busy campus. Students read their resources on their own and come together as a group for one or two days for discussion and application conversations. These events are similar to a Liberty Fund-style event.

Reading group—This is our most popular option! Professors and students read through a book or a variety of resources together throughout the semester. They meet up once a week or once every other week to discuss.

Reading group + event—Some professors want not only to meet with a small group of students regularly, but also reach a broader audience. This type of program allows for a regular reading group, but also provides a budget for a small, low-cost event on campus. These events have included a movie event, game night, panel of professors from different departments at the university, etc. The goal of these events is to engage with a larger group of students and talk about faith, work, and economics in a creative way.

Since we know incentives matter, professors receive a stipend and food and beverage budget for their program depending on what type of program they are leading.

For more details about IFWE’s campus programs, please download our Campus Programs Handbook.