Curriculum Reviews


Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking

  • “This is not an economics course with some Christian gloss applied over it. Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking is an “in-depth, biblical exploration of the economic way of thinking” as the authors say in the introduction.”

— “High School Economics for Christians” (Living, Unabridged)

  • “Economics is a course that many colleges require students to have taken in high school; but we don’t want to just check the box, we want our teens to actually understand what they are learning and grow from it.  I have no hesitation in recommending Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking by IFWE to anyone who wants their teen to learn the principles of economics from a Biblical viewpoint, in a way that is more easily understood and more motivating than most other economics courses out there.”

— “A Refreshing Approach: A Free Market Economics Homeschool Curriculum” (Annie and Everything)

  • “Let’s face it–nearly all economics courses are based on a very humanistic worldview. This is NOT something I want my teens to be immersed in.”IFWE’s Christian Economics curriculum presents everything in the light of the Bible. In fact, the course focuses on teaching the Biblical foundations for economics in order to help students make wise decisions that glorify God.”

— “Homeschool Elective: Christian Economics Curriculum,” (Contented at Home)

  • “This course is perfectly designed for independent learners and would work wonderfully with students just beginning to learn how to do independent study.”

— “Preparing for High School: Economics Curriculum” (A Diligent Heart)

  • “I’m honestly so impressed with this elective course that we are also having our son go through it, even though he has done other economics courses, and graduated from our homeschool just last week! To me this should be a required course, especially with the current pulse of our economy.”

— “Economics for the Christian Homeschool” (Sam’s Noggin)

  • “This Christian economics course has given my homeschool teen and me fantastic opportunities to discuss important life choices.  During our discussion about opportunity costs, for example, we talked about why it is important to make wise choices in what we do with our time.  It opened the conversation to talk about using free time for researching the start of a small business (landscaping) instead of playing video games.”

— “Christian Economics Curriculum to Help Your Homeschool Teen” (Busy Boys Brigade)

  • “Initially I was a little surprised to see economics tied to biblical stewardship but after thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. I was also surprised to see it tied to fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives and the work that He calls us to. But that makes sense, too.This is one of the reasons that I’m so happy with this curriculum, because this is exactly what I want for my daughter. I want to give her the tools she need to live out her purpose, fully, wisely, as a good steward of all the resources God has given her–time, talent, money, ideas, and service.”

— “Homeschool Economics Curriculum, Bible-based from Christian Worldview” (Classic Housewife)


Understanding God's Calling

  • “I wish I’d had this curriculum when I was a teen. It took me a long time and a lot of struggle to learn some of these concepts. I’m so thankful that this resource exists for my daughters so they will have a head start on finding their purpose and embracing their destiny. Whether they become stay-at-home moms or world famous writers or scientists or janitors (or all of those!), I want them to have the confidence in God’s calling for their lives they need to be truly fulfilled.”

— “Understanding God’s Calling” (Embracing Destiny)

  • “My daughter is enjoying Understanding God’s Calling. Her fear, when I mentioned the idea of using this curriculum, was that it would be a dry text, would be to “preachy”, or be just ministry focused. Now that she has a few weeks under her belt, she realizes that is not the case at all and she is looking forward to the rest of the study.”

— “How to Help Your Teen Find Their Calling” (The Homeschool Scientist)

  • I rarely accept these types of curriculum opportunities, mostly because they so rarely seem to fit my children’s educational needs. Understanding God’s Calling is completely different. I jumped at the chance to have a curriculum support what I already find myself speaking to all the time.

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Even with autism. Even with dyslexia.
    Your differences do not mean more than your strengths. In fact, your strengths are gifts from God.
    I can’t wait to see how God will use you in this world.

— “Understanding God’s Calling and My Child with Special Needs” (Not The Former Things)