Curriculum FAQs

Who is IFWE?

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) is a Christian organization advancing a free and flourishing society by revolutionizing the way people view their work. We believe the Bible’s timeless truths about the purpose of our work and how to make wise decisions with all that we’ve been given. When Christians understand and live out the biblical meaning of work, then lives, societies, and nations will be transformed for Christ. Read more about IFWE and our core values.

Why did IFWE create these two courses?

It may seem that economics and calling courses are two totally different areas of study. Actually, they are deeply linked. Both are integral for preparing a young person for pursuing their own individual calling and contributing to society in a way that is fruitful and God-honoring. IFWE is passionate about reaching the next generation with biblical and economic principles that help people live out whole-life stewardship. We encourage you to teach both courses!

For which age group are these courses best suited?

IFWE designed the courses with 11th and 12th graders in mind, however both younger and older students could benefit from the material.

Can the courses be used in other settings other than homeschool?

Absolutely! They can be used in a Christian school or university setting, as well as in the workplace or in small groups.

Do I need to have an economics background to teach Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking?

No, in fact you will be surprised to discover that you are already an economist! Every day, we all use economic thinking in our decision-making. The course will also help you as a family or group have a biblical and economic framework for discussing important issues going on in society, like income inequality, the minimum wage, and jobs and opportunities for the next generation.

Is the economics course about budgeting and finances?

Not exactly, though it provides an essential framework for decision-making that is foundational for personal budgeting and finance. Both the calling and economics courses will shape the way a young person thinks about personal finances, income and spending. It is our prayer that their decisions would be more biblically and economically sound as a result of taking either course.

Where do I get the additional reading books for each course?

They are available on Amazon or other online booksellers. Understanding God’s Calling has three additional books not included with the curriculum. On Amazon, they range from $15 (for used copies) to $40 (for new copies) total for all three books.

Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking has one additional book required: Common Sense Economics. On Amazon, it ranges from $5 for used to $14 for a new copy.

Are the additional reading links essential to the courses?

Yes, they are! And because they’re so essential, IFWE regularly reviews these links to ensure that they are accurate and functional.

I’ve purchased one or both of the curriculum, but didn’t receive the teacher’s guide. What should I do?

A paperback copy of the teacher’s guide is available for both the economics and calling curriculum. The teacher’s guide is included with the purchase of the curriculum. If you did not receive a teacher’s guide, we apologize! Please contact us at with your order information, and we will ship it to you!

Other questions? Contact us at