Understanding God's Calling


Course Description

Cover Only_UGCUnderstanding God’s Calling is a high school homeschool elective course that guides students through an in-depth, thoughtful, biblical exploration of calling, vocation, and personal gifting. Students will read a variety of materials that examine calling as it generally applies to the Christian life and as it applies to specific areas of life, such as work, family, and community.

The seventeen-module course is divided into sections examining different aspects of calling in the Christian life. Beginning with the gospel, the first few modules set a strong biblical foundation to understand the Christian call to obedience and faithfulness. In the final modules, students will focus on practical exercises to help discern their own unique gifts and God’s call in their lives.

The course does not guarantee students will determine their dream job by the final module. Instead, students should gain a robust understanding of the comprehensive call of Christians to faithfulness in Christ. In addition, upon careful reflection and consultation, students should gain a better understanding and confidence in their unique gifts.

Understanding God’s Calling, when coupled with prayer and dedication, can help students set a course to obey God’s call faithfully in their lives.


Course Requirements

  1. There are four books assigned for required reading.
  2. There are also numerous readings that can be found online (link below), as well as optional reading suggestions. IFWE regularly reviews these links to ensure they are accurate and functional.
  3. A series of 1-2 page reflection papers assigned throughout the course aim to help students think reflectively about the material and their calling.
  4. A Vocational Analysis Profile is a practical tool designed to help highlight gifts and talents.
  5. A teacher’s guide (paperback), including a grading rubric with suggested answers and guidelines, is included with the purchase of the curriculum.