Journey into Faith, Work, and Culture

7:00 - 8:30 AM October 8, 2015 - April 14, 2016

A special ‘How Then Should We Work’ study and discussion series is taking place with 40 participants in the Washington, DC area to explore God’s vocational calling to work and faithful marketplace leadership — and the resulting impact on culture.  The group meets on the 2nd Thursdays of each month from October 8, 2016 – April 14, 2016.

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Interested in participating in a future group? Email info@tifwe.org. 

 About the book, How Then Should We Work

“Hugh Whelchel’s work comes at a critical time when both the church and the culture in general are questioning the purpose and value of work. His solid examination of the Biblical teaching on work is an excellent starting point for anyone wrestling with these issues. Carefully exploring the Scripture’s view of work as an integral part of our calling, he lays out a compelling alternative to the disintegrated and disjointed view of work that is prevalent today. I highly recommend it.”

— J. Michael Thigpen, Executive Director of the Evangelical Theological Society

“What an important book! We often sing, “I owe, I owe, I owe and it’s off to work I go.” That’s from the pit of hell and smells like smoke and Hugh Whelchel will tell you why in this book. Not only does he do that, he does it in a refreshing way with great Biblical insight. When you add the wisdom of his lifetime of experience to the mix, you have a book that ought to be read by every Christian, underlined and referenced and then given to everybody you know.”

– Dr. Steve Brown, Key Life Ministries, Author of Approaching God: How to Pray

For more information and to register, contact Dick Eagan at deagan@tifwe.org.