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What We Do

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) conducts high-level theological and economic research and translates it into practical resources to help Christians integrate their faith in the workplace and empower them to become better stewards of all their God-given talents and resources.


  • We aggregate, review, and synthesize existing research and conduct original research that informs a biblical worldview regarding work and economics.
  • Through evidence-based, biblically-sound research, IFWE promotes sound reasoning and broad principles while exposing the shortcomings of well-intentioned economic theories and practices that stifle individual opportunities and burden societies.


  • We translate complex theological and economic concepts into practical, easy-to-understand applications by providing sound arguments for vocational and economic principles.


  • While many view faith, work, and economics as three separate fields, we show how they are intimately linked and how integrating them can lead to personal fulfillment and societal flourishing.
  • This integration is designed to elevate the dignity of all individuals, who, created in God’s image, have great potential to contribute to the common good. To this end, we offer a refreshing biblical perspective about the importance of work and how it helps accomplish God’s plan for people and the planet.


  • We provide Christians with the reasons, insights, and motivation to excel in the workplace and make a difference in the world.
  • We teach that the work each person is called to do can play an important role in the Kingdom of God and use biblical principles to correct misconceptions about the purpose and significance of work.
  • We teach people how to think, not what to think. We do this by providing broad principles and guidance on how to best help the poor, vulnerable and dispossessed and to contribute to the flourishing of all of society.

Our vision is to see Christians through their vocation, making a positive, sustainable difference in the world for the flourishing of all mankind and the glory of God!